How a trader applies

Booking Link page

This is the first view your exhibitors will see once clicking on your booking link.

Traders can choose which pitch

This view will let the trader know all the prices and available  pitches that are at your event.

Creating an account

Once a trader has selected which stand they want, they now have to create an account. Within the event dashboard, more elements can be added, like phone numbers, Facebook link and website links.

If they have already booked via Funky Trade before they can skip this step.


Here your trader can select which add-ons they would like for there stand, it could be electric, advertising space or extra staff passes for example.

All done!

A confirmation page will come up to confirm that the application has been submitted and they just need to wait till the organiser has approved the stand. They are also prompted to submit the documents required to trade at this event.

What happens next?

The trade application will appear in the organisers dashboard waiting for approval, here you will see all their stand info and images. Once approved they are sent an automatic email, this email will confirm that their application has been successful and that payment is now due for the stand.

If the organiser declines, they are sent an automatic email to confirm that the application has not been successful. If the application form is not in detail enough, the event organiser can email via the system to explain that they need to add more detail. Emails can be altered to explain the reason behind declining a stand.