The free to use automated management system designed for organisers to sell and manage your event trade.

100% free to event organisers, there's no contract and you can stop using Funky Trade at any time if you change your mind.

Are you ready to start selling trade stands?

Set your event up within 10 minutes. Access all of Funky Trades features for free, no monthly fees or hidden costs. Traders pay a 6% booking fee when they pay for their stand. There is no cost to a trader to apply to an event.

Not sure where to get started? Why not arrange a call with a member of the team and we can help you set up your event.

Take a look at some of the features in Funky Trade

Let's make your life easy with a trade approval system, automated emails, automated payment emails and PLI reminders. 

✅ Safe and secure 

✅ No hidden fees 

✅ 100% free to event organisers 

From festivals to exhibitions, Funky Trade is versatile whether your trade pitch is in one of the UK's finest venues or in a field for a festival. Funky Trade has you covered. 

Designed with you in mind. Funky Trade was developed by event organisers for event organisers. It's simple to use and our pricing structure has been designed for this in mind. 100% free to event organisers.